Perry Work Report

The Perry Work Report, formerly the Weekly Work Report 2002 – 2006, is a weekly e-publication of the CIRHR Library, University of Toronto that keeps students, alumni, academics and practitioners up-to-date with research and news in industrial relations and human resource management locally and globally. Lancaster House includes the Perry Work Report in its Collective Bargaining database.

Perry Work Report Archive

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2002-2007 issues forthcoming.

There is a six-month embargo on the Perry Work Report, after which issues can be accessed in the Archive.

The PWR is not published in July and August, for a three-week period over the December-January holiday break, and during the spring break. The frequency of publication is changeable dependent upon staffing arrangements.

The PWR includes the Book of the Week, highlighting current books and reports in IR/HR available at the Industrial Relations &Human Resources Library, University of Toronto.

The content does not reflect the opinions or positions of the University of Toronto, CIRHR, or that of the editor, and should not be construed as such. The service provides links to the primary documents and research behind the news stories of the day. This publication is protected by Canadian copyright laws and may not be copied, posted or forwarded electronically without permission.

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