CIRHR 50th Anniversary Celebration

On June 17, 2016, we celebrated the Centre’s 50th anniversary, alongside the 40th anniversary of the MIRHR. This was also the 30th anniversary of the PhD and the Employment Relations undergraduate program. Over 120 alumni, former faculty and friends came together for a mixture of insight, fun and emotion.

Several videos were created for The Face of Work: A Peoples' History of CIRHR, 1965 -- 2015, part of the CIRHR's 50th Anniversary Celebration:

Each of the following videos features CIRHR photographs, alongside publications and other documents depicting the history of work and labour, dating from the era of one of the CIRHR's six directors: John Crispo (1965-1975), Noah Meltz (1975-1985), Morley Gunderson (1985-1997), Frank Reid (1997-2009), Anil Verma (2009-2015) and Rafael Gomez (2015- ). These six videos were created by Projektor Brand Image:

The final video, created by Monica Hypher, IRHR library technician, covers the history of the CIRHR from 1965 to the present, presenting an overview of the six directors' eras.

See below for links to slideshows of CIRHR photographs from the first five director-eras, and visit our Flickr album to see photos from the Celebration taken by Amrit Takhar and Monica Hypher. Please feel free to email us your photos of the event at!