February 18, 2008

Perry Work Report for the Week of February 18, 2008

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Worksite Accident Rates Underreported at Some Companies in Ontario: A report in the Toronto Star reveals that Ontario companies that use temporary workers report lower accident rates than actually occur on the their worksites because it is the temporary agency that is penalized. Hence, the companies hiring the temporary workers have no incentive to improve worksite safety. This loophole in the rules of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board system can only be closed by legislation according to the chair of the WSIB.

Link: “Board shields unsafe job sites” by Moira Welsh, Toronto Star, February 16, 2008.

Women in the High-Tech Sector: Catalyst has released a study that looks at women's overall satisfaction and engagement with their jobs in the high-tech industry. Data is available on women's perceptions of their supervisory relationships, fairness and voice within their companies, development and training opportunities, barriers to career advancement, and generational differences. 

Links: Women in Technology: Maximizing Talent, Minimizing Barriers, by Heather Foust-Cummings, Laura Sabattini, Nancy Carter, Catalyst, New York, February 11, 2008 (40 pages, PDF); “Hurdles still dog women in high-tech careers Interaction with supervisors, lacking voice in decisions most critical: study,” by Kristina Cooke, Globe and Mail, February 15, 2008.

Corporate Governance Winners: The National Awards in Governance, begun in 2001 by the Conference Board of Canada and Spencer Stuart, recognize innovative practices in Canadian companies' corporate governance. Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC) was the overall winner for its implementation of a sustainability strategy to ensure its short and long term success. RBC was selected for the award in the private sector category, the University of Alberta received the award in the public sector category. 

Link: Winners' Circle: 2008 National Awards in GovernanceGovernance and Corporate Social Responsibility, Conference Board of Canada/Spencer Stuart, (36 pages, PDF); Mountain Equipment honoured for sustainability, February 13, 2008, Globe and Mail.

Compliance and Ethics Requirements to Third Parties: A survey released by the Conference Board of New York looks at company practices regarding compliance, and ethics requirements and standards to third parties. In association with the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association, the Board surveyed 169 companies as to their policies and procedures.

LinkFinding the Right Balance: The Risks and Rewards of Third Party Ethics Programs Report, by Conference Board Inc., New York, February 2008, (23 pages PDF) may be downloaded by the University of Toronto community from the Conference Board e-library.

Workplace Stress Ignored: According to Watson Wyatt's 2007/2008 Staying@Work report almost 50 percent of employers surveyed acknowledged that stress was affecting business performance. However, only five percent of employers are taking action to remedy the situation.  Causes of stress include long hours, work-life balance issues, and technologies that expand employee availability.

Links: “Few Employers Addressing Workplace Stress, Watson Wyatt Surveys Find,” Watson Wyattpress release.

Communicating Employee Benefit Information: Watson Wyatt's 2007/2008 Communication ROIstudy found an increase in the number of companies that have implemented benefits communication programs in 2007. Employers are trying to keep benefit costs down, help employees make informed decisions concerning their benefits, and increase enrollment in benefit programs.

Links: “ Employers Saying More About Benefits, Watson Wyatt Study Finds,” Watson Wyatt press release.

Phased Retirement: A recent Watson Wyatt publication looks at the implication of the Federal Government's legislation implementing the phased retirement rule changes announced in the 2007 Federal Budget. The recent changes to federal legislation will provide employers and employees with better options for phased retirement programs but there are still provincial issues to be resolved.

Link: A Closer Look at Phased Retirement, Watson Wyatt, (4 pages, PDF)

Salaries of Professors at Canadian Universities for 2005-2006: A report published by Statistics Canada provides salary information for full-time teaching staff at universities in Canada with 100 or more staff for the academic year 2005-2006.

Link: Salaries and Salary Scales of Full-time Teaching Staff at Canadian Universities, 2005/2006: Final Report by Teresa Omiecinski, Statistics Canada, February 2008 (60 pages, PDF).

Canada's Immigrant Labour Market: A study by Statistics Canada looks at the labour market experience of immigrants who arrived in three time periods: 2001 to 2006, 1996 to 2001 and before 1996. The study examines the changing composition of immigrants over the three time periods, where they settled and their success in the labour market.

LinkThe Canadian Immigrant Labour Market in 2006: Analysis by Region or Country of Birth by Jason Gilmore, Statistics Canada, February 2008 (42 pages, PDF).

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Monday, February 18, 2008