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On June 17, 2016, we celebrated the Centre’s 50th anniversary, alongside the 40th anniversary of the MIRHR. This was also the 30th anniversary of the PhD and the Employment Relations undergraduate program. Visual traces will linger and the “good vibes” will stay with us as we move into the 2016-17 academic year. Click here for event videos and photos.

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Nelson Education

"Organizations are challenged to provide training and development programs in order to equip the...

Restructuring Work and the Life Course

The International Journal of Human Resource Management

work&labour news&research


“Mr. Cronin was among many “interprovincial employees” affected by the oil crash. (The Globe and Mail)

“The excess labour...


…Municipal Politician

“Interruptions, patronizing...

“A report by HSBC suggests that nearly half of working-age Canadians are not saving for retirement. The big international bank says 48 per cent of...