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Below is a list of CIRHR Phd theses, including ways to access them. Most theses are available online. (HC only) denotes that the thesis is only available in hardcopy in the IRHR Library or in hardcopy or microtext elsewhere at UofT. The links are to the University of Toronto Libraries record, which can include the ProQuest link (click on "Connect to Resource") unless otherwise noted. Some theses are listed with separate ProQuest and/or TSpace links.

Useful links:

Aleks, Rachel. (2014). Union strategies and potential targets for new-member organizing in the United StatesTSpace linkProQuest link.

Arshoff, Alana. (2014). The linear relationship between the difficulty level connoted by a primed goal and task performanceTSpace link. ProQuest link.

Banerjee, Rupa. (2008). Employment disadvantage of immigrants and visible minorities: Evidence from three Canadian surveys. ProQuest link.

Bentham, Karen. (1999). The determinants and impacts of employer resistance to union certification in Canada. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Bergeron, Jean-Guy. (1993). Unionization in the private service sectorProQuest link.

Boodoo, Muhammad Umar Aabid. (2016). Institutions and stakeholder influence on CEO compensation and corporate social responsibility. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Brown, Travor C. (1999). The effectiveness of outcome goals, learning goals, and self-talk training in improving an individual's team-playing behavior. TSpace linkProQuest link.

Cowell, Noel M. (2000). The use of workplace innovations in a developing economy: The case of Jamaica. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Curran, Bruce J. (2015). Three essays on legal issues impacting the employment relationship in Canada. TSpace linkProQuest link.

Eaton, John. (2005). Union renewal in Canada: Strategies, tactics, and public perceptionsProQuest link.

Eden, Genevieve. (1990). Unjust dismissal in the Canadian federal jurisdiction. ProQuest link.

Fang, Tony Tao. (2004). Public policy, occupational pension plans, and alternative retirement savings programsProQuest link.

Fonseca Paredes, Maria Francisa. (2004). Learning dynamics and social interaction among knowledge workers in the electronics industry: Evidence from Canada and Mexico. ProQuest link.

Goldenberg, James. (2006). Three essays on occupational safetyProQuest link.

Gomez, Rafael. (2000). The effect of social capital, salary compression and equity on individual and organizational performance. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Huang, Xiaoyu. (2016). Three essays on strategic human resource management. 2016. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

He, Qian. (2013). Disadvantaged groups in the labour market: Older workers, younger workers, and nonstandard workersTSpace link. ProQuest link.

Hebdon, Robert. (1992). Industrial conflict under Ontario's no-strike laws. ProQuest link.

Hyatt, Douglas Edward. (1992). Issues in the compensation of injured workers: returns to risk, work incentives and accommodation. ProQuest link.

Kay, Patricia J. (1999). The non-economic impacts of pay equity adjustments: Employee attitudes and behaviours. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Lamb, Danielle. (2012). Topics in Canadian Aboriginal earnings, employment and education: An empirical analysis. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Lee, Byron. (2011). Three essays on total returns to the employment relationship. TSpace linkProQuest link. 

Linden, Amy. (2015). The motherhood penalty: Evidence from a field experiment. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Lonti, Zsuzsanna. (2000). The impact of work characteristics and technological change on the adoption of workplace practices in government workplaces. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Luchak, Andrew Anthony. (1995). Employer-sponsored pension plans: An empirical analysis of quality of  information, job change and retirement plans, and employee preferencesProQuest link.

Marzi, Elham. (2018). The role of empowerment on the relationship between flexible work arrangements, work-life balance, and job satisfaction in the Canadian public sector. TSpaceProQuest link.

Mazerolle, Maurice Joseph Alexander. (1993). The long-term employment outcomes of individuals following job loss from plant closures. ProQuest link.

Mock, Ted. (2005). Three papers on the impact of workplace practices and of unions on organizational outcomes. ProQuest link.

Pitek, Joanna. (2015). Flexible work arrangements and co-worker perceptions: The relationship between values, job satisfaction and organizational commitment. TSpace linkProquest link.

Pucic, John. (2011). Ethical leadership in the employment relationship: Evidence from three Canadian surveys. TSpace linkProQuest link.

Renaud, Stephane. (1996). Union membership, total compensation, and job satisfaction in Canada, 1996. ProQuest link.

Riddell, Christopher Mark. (2003) Three essays on labour policy. ProQuest link.

Saksida, Tina. (2014). Three essays on the individual, task-, and context-related factors influencing the organizational behaviour of volunteersTSpace link. ProQuest link.

Shantz, Amanda. (2008). An exploratory field experiment of the effect of non-conscious and conscious goals on employee performance. ProQuest link.

Singh, Gangaram. (1998). Work after early retirement. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Slinn, Sara. (2003). The union certification experience in Ontario, 1993-1998. ProQuest link.

Stephen, Maureen Diane. (1993). Collective bargaining outcomes and the performance of the firm. ProQuest link.

Thomas, Mark Edward. (2002). The effect of expedited, tripartite, and conventional arbitration on arbitration outcomes. ProQuest link.

Venne, Rosemary Amelia. (1993). Alternative worktime arrangements: the compressed workweek. ProQuest link.

Wald, Steven Jay. (2004). The overqualification of Canadian workers. ProQuest link.

Walsworth, Scott John. (2006). Three essays on the international workplace in Canada, 2006. ProQuest link.

Wang, Jing. (2010). Work-life  balance programs in Canadian workplaces: Factors affecting availability and utilizationTSpace linkProQuest link.

Weststar, Johanna. (2007). Studies of learning and work: Job control, participation in learning and underemploymentProQuest link.

White, George Francis. (1003) Determinants of professional unionization in Canada. ProQuest link.

Xiu, Lin. (2010). Three essays on employment and compensation in China. TSpace link. ProQuest link.

Yap, Margaret. (2004). Gender and racial differentials in compensation, promotion and separations in Canada. 2004. ProQuest link.

Zemlyanukhina, Viktoriya. (2011). Aspects of linguistic integration of recent immigrants to Canada: Determinants of English language proficiency, role of English in labour market integration outcomes and skills utilizationTSpace link. ProQuest link.

Zhang, Tingting. (2017). The regulation of occupations and labour market outcomes in Canada: Three essays on the relationship between occupational licensing, earnings and internal labour mobility. TSpace linkProQuest link.