Digital Collections held by the Industrial Relations & HR Library include a special on-going collection of labour union documents, selected by the IRHR Library, and collected using the web archiving service Archive-it since 2006.  New digital collections that the IRHR Library is developing include the Academic Research Projects completed for the Changing Workplaces Review, the CIRHR Director's Debate Series and the Morley Gunderson Lecture in Labour Economics and Industrial Relations.

The Sefton Memorial Lectures have been collected annually since 1983 and in 2014 were renamed the Sefton/Williams Lectures. Highlights of Major Developments in Labour Legislation is the only accessible online collection of these government documents.

An archive of the Perry Work Report (2008 – current), a weekly IR/HR e-publication for news and research is digitally available (embargoed for 1 year). The library provides access to the Ontario Labour Relations Board Annual Reports, CIRHR PhD thesis, the library blog work&labour news&research, the Ontario Ministry of Labour Collective Agreements e-Library Portal, and the e-library of the Conference Board of Canada.  A list of IR/HR journals held by the University of Toronto with print holdings of the IRHR Library is also available.