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The Industrial Relations and Human Resources Library (IRHR Library) is dedicated to partnering with the University of Toronto Centre of Industrial Resources and Human Resources Faculty to assist in teaching and conducting research on all aspects of the workplace and employment relationships. The IRHR library can provide faculty members with comprehensive access to IR and HR information relevant to the research and instructional needs and goals.

Research Services

Reference services are available by email, by telephone and whenever the library is open. Faculty members will also have full access to the libraries collection with specialized borrowing privileges.

Instructional Support

The library staff creates course guides that highlights core and leading texts, and other important information on subject-specific resources. Course guides can be crafted for requested topics upon request.

Workshops and classroom instruction is also available on request. Please contact the library for more information.

Available databases and tools can be found under the research tab on the library website such as:

  • ProQuest, Business Source Premier, and Factiva
  • Legal databases such as Quicklaw, Lancaster House, and Labour Spectrum

Current Awareness

Your Library is Working (YLIW) features 20 of the most recently published articles of the PWR newsletter and the UofT CIRHR Library newsletter. The YLIW newsletter provides current University of Toronto faculty, students and staff, and interested individuals in the latest online support and e-resources available to the University of Toronto.

PWR: work&labour news&research is provided to subscribers, alumni of the Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources (CIRHR), friends, interested faculty and students from across the country and around the globe.

These publications are protected by Canadian copyright laws and may not be copied, posted or forwarded electronically in its entirety without permission.

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