For Faculty and Instructors

Research Support

The library staff are your research specialists. We support faculty at all stages of the research life-cycle:

  • Plan: Supporting the organization of the resources needed for the research and developing a data management plan.
  • Acquire, Process, and Analyze: Collecting or locating needed resources or datasets and using quantitative or qualitative tools.
  • Preserve, Disseminate and Discover: Confirming Tri-Agency policies, uploading to T-Space, and sharing the research with the world.

Teaching Support

The library staff can provide support for course goals and students' learning needs. This can be accomplished through the following methods:

  • Course Guides: Showcasing print and digital resources that align to the course content to support in-class and additional learning.
  • In or Out of Class Instructional Sessions: Teaching students the skills to navigate the plethora of databases and how to critically assess the information they find within these resources.
  • Instructional Videos: Creating short videos that supplement students' learning of information resources.
  • Reviewing Syllabi: Ensuring each syllabus follows the CIRHR template, has accurate citations, links to non-paywall content, and is copyright compliant.
  • Resource Acquisition: Purchasing required and supplementary course material.