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Danielle Smith Podcast

Danielle Smith’s Fraser Forum 

Hosted by Danielle Smith, Produced by the Fraser Institute 

“As a University of Calgary graduate with degrees in Economics and English, Danielle has had a lifelong interest in Alberta public policy and finding the right balance between free enterprise and individual freedom, and the role of government.” - Fraser Institute 

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InequaliTalks logo


Hosted by University of Toronto Professor Clémentine Van Effenterre 

“What is the most unequal region of the world? How deep does gender discrimination run in our societies? What happens to poor households during a housing boom? How is land distributed today? How can minimum wage reduce racial inequality? Can we really expect politicians to fix inequality? InequaliTalks presents accessible research done by young economists on one of the most pressing issues in the public conversation: inequality.” - InequaliTalks 

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Image from Episode 3 of Level the Playing Field

Level the Playing Field 

Produced by Ontario’s Pay Equity Office 

“Welcome to Level the Paying Field where we explore issues related to economics, equity, women, work and money.  This series of conversations explores topics impacting women working in Ontario and is published by Ontario’s Pay Equity Office. Through this series, we hope to elevate the equity conversation to make the world a more equitable place for women to work, live, and thrive, and support closing the gender wage gap.” - Level the Playing Field 

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Dollar and Sense podcast logo

Dollar and Sense 

Hosted by David Dollar, Produced by Brookings Institution 

“From local ports and markets to international trade and diplomacy, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow David Dollar and guests explain how our global trading system is built and its effect on our everyday lives.” - Brookings Institution 

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Economics and beyond podcast logo

Economics & Beyond 

Hosted by Rob Johnson, Produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking 

“Founded in the wake of the financial crisis in 2009, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization devoted to developing and sharing the ideas that can repair our broken economy and create a more equal, prosperous, and just society. To meet current and future challenges, we conduct and commission research, convene forums for exchanging ideas, develop curricula, and nurture a global community of young scholars.” - INET ‘About Us’ 

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Sustaining capitalism podcast logo

Sustaining Capitalism 

Produced by the Conference Board US 

“What are the biggest issues facing the American economy and how can they be solved? Join experts from the Committee for Economic Development for non-partisan, fact-based policy responses to pressing economic, educational, and social issues.” - Conference Board US 

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Creating Markets podcast logo

Creating Markets 

Produced by the International Finance Corporation 

“The International Finance Corporation (IFC) introduces its new podcast Creating Markets. If you’re curious about private businesses in developing countries and investment opportunities in emerging markets, this podcast is for you.” - IFC 

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Vox Talks 

Produced by the Centre for Economic Policy Research 

“  – CEPR’s policy portal – was set up in June 2007 to promote "research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading economists". Vox's audience consists of economists working in the public sector, private sector, academia and media – as well as students of economics in the broad sense. Vox columns cover all fields of economics broadly defined.” - VoxEU ‘About Us’ 

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Weekly Economics Podcast logo

Weekly Economics Podcast 

Hosted by Ayeisha Thomas-Smith, Produced by the New Economics Foundation 

“Award-winning podcast about the economic forces shaping our world, with Ayeisha Thomas-Smith and guests. Brought to you by the New Economics Foundation – the independent think tank and charity campaigning for a fairer, sustainable economy.” - New Economics Foundation 

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