Visual and Audio Resources

Audiovisual documents (photographs, sound recordings and moving images) have been used to record the world’s people, places and events for over a century and a half. In that time they have become so prevalent that most people in western society presently receive a majority of their current affairs information, entertainment and cultural cues from radio, television, musical recordings, movies, illustrated magazines and newspapers, multimedia websites, and even video games. Audiovisual materials are invaluable resources that provide a different method of learning to students. 

  • IRHR Podcasts - A list of Canadian, US, and international IRHR podcasts, organized by topic.
  • IRHR Video Resources - Students can use the UTL Catalogue to access a list of video resources available from the IRHR Library, including both documentaries and feature films. These resources are DVDs and must be physically accessed from the library.
  • Labour Film Database - The Labor Film Database lists thousands of films and videos, searchable by title, director, actors and/or keywords (see search window at right). We’ve also categorized the database (at right, below “Categories”) and you can check out our tag cloud (also at right) to make it easier to find films and videos about the topics you’re interested in. Many of the entries also include trailers, film stills and distributor contact info
  • National Film Board of Canada - The National Film Board (NFB) is a public agency that produces and distributes films and other audiovisual works which reflect Canada to Canadians and the rest of the world." You will be using use the U of T Library catalogue to access these resources. The NFB maintains a specific subsection of 60 films about Work and Labour Relations which include topics such as: Child Labour, Technological Change, Strikes, Labour Relations, and more.
  • U of T Media Commons - Features dozens of streaming platforms accessible via UTORid login. Includes blockbuster feature films, documentaries, and educational videos.