IR and HR Libraries

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A list of other libraries recognized as a member of the Community of Industrial Relations Libraries. Most of the resources listed are easily accessible and can provide further documentation for your research.

Community of Industrial Relations Libraries

The University of Toronto CIRHR Library is a member of the Community of Industrial Relations Libraries (CIRL), an international network of libraries founded in the 1940s.

For the complete list of libraries and links to them, go to the CIRL website.

Other Libraries of Interest to HR/IR Researchers

ADA Library

Ontario Legislative Library

Access to the library and its documents is extremely limited. Access to the online catalogue is free and is offered as a service to help locate and identify Ontario government publications. The Office of the Legislative Assembly also maintains an online guide to Bills before the House.

Ontario Ministry of Labour Library (closed in 1996)

Ontario Workplace Safety Insurance Board Library

Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library

Location: 505 University Avenue, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2P2
Phone: 416-314-3700 (library, general inquiry)

The Workplace Tribunals Library website incorporates the libraries of the following Ontario government agencies: Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal, It is a gateway to online decisions of all these tribunals.

Business Information Centre at the Rotman School of Management, U of T

Human Rights Research and Education Centre, University of Ottawa

International Foundation of Employee Benefits INFOSource

International Labor Organization (ILO) LaborDoc