Ontario Labour Relations Board Annual Reports

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"The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) produces a monthly publication of summaries of significant decisions issued by the Board. "Highlights", along with the Board's website, is also the Board's forum for providing information to the community regarding Notices from the Chair or Director/Registrar, legislative amendments and staffing changes. Many of the cases summarized in "Highlights" are reproduced in full in the OLRB Bi-monthly Reports." - OLRB

These annual reports form a valuable institutional history of the OLRB, including its structure, members, and statistical summary of the OLRB's work and decisions. See also the Ontario Labour Relations Board Reports, Highlights and Publications web page for recent annual reports. Request a subscription service with the OLRB to keep up to date with monthly highlights.  

Reports, Highlights and Publications by the OLRB in order by date:





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